Storytelling with Brushes

As a skilled acrylic painter, Patrick employs the medium with finesse, bringing forth a symphony of hues that dance across the canvas. Each stroke is a deliberate choice, a brush dipped in inspiration, and every color tells a story of its own. From bold, captivating compositions to subtle, nuanced expressions, he explores the boundless possibilities that acrylics offer, creating a visual language that resonates with both depth and immediacy.

His work has been exhibited nationally, recognized by The Boston Globe and others, and he has been featured in the prestigious Cherry Creek Arts Festival, Telluride Culinary Arts Festival and more.

Fiddler’s Three

This whimsical collection of multi-panel paintings tell the stories of some favorite classic nursery rhymes. View Slideshow for more detail.

Using augmented reality, Patrick has created a technological component to his acrylic paintings, creating a completely interactive presentation companion to each collection.

Bah Bah Black Sheep

This one tells the story of Bah Bah Black Sheep having bags of wool and the distribution of that wool. The Painting AR version matches the traditional animated style, but I added 3D models and animation of the bags of wool, for testing and integration. I created the bags of wool in Blender and exported the rendered objects and textures. Blender was used for 3D modeling and animation can be done in Blender, Aero or in combination.

The Birds

A collection of smaller canvases, each focusing on a single bird and their individual story. View Slideshow for more detail.

Dancing Poppies

Playful poses for this beautiful, infamous plant. Click here to view detailed gallery.


Larger canvases with larger landscapes, depth and skies. Click here to view detailed gallery.