Out standing in his field.

Patrick van den Broek brings the unique combination of creativity and visual storytelling combined with executive professionalism, and the recognition to be called truly outstanding, in a number of fields.

New England born and raised, Patrick spent his childhood drawing endless comics, characters and adventures, formalizing his art education through high school. He continued his education at The University of Notre Dame, continuing his illustration with The Observer student newspaper. After graduating with degree in Developmental Biology, with the focus on the marine intertidal, he spent time at research labs on both coasts.

His art was calling and Patrick attended The Art Institution, while working as an art director for the FasTracKids International ed tech product launch. Upon graduation and receiving the Portfolio Excellence Award, he spent time in the animation industry, drawing with studios and pitching his own ideas.

This digital creative was drawn into the dot com digital boom and taught himself HTML and Javascript to become one of the first design-specific front end developers. Over two decades later, he has created products, business and transformed the way businesses look at digital products and a holistic look at the role they can play.

Here are some other aspects that make up the fabled character that is Patrick and view the slideshow, where available, to see more details.

Prolific Cartoonist

From many years working at start-ups, digital agencies and large corporations, Patrick has drawn and compiled a comprehensive collection of cartoons about agency life.

He started cartooning professionally for The Observer at University of Notre Dame and has been cartooning, illustrating and always filling sketchbooks with doodles, drawings and ideas.


Ski Entrepreneur

Patrick has worked with entrepreneurs and business owners to tell their stories in innovative ways and advised them on the growth potential of the digital age. A serial entrepreneur himself, he has founded, transformed and sold a number of businesses in the outdoor sports space.

He has been featured at Denver Startup Week, Rockies Venture Club and others, while his thoughts have been published in Denver Business Journal, Colorado Biz Magazine and more.

Mountain Bike Lifer

Patrick has been riding on the trails since a youngster, with his racing career starting at Notre Dame, where he qualified and raced in the national championship. Upon graduation, he moved to Colorado where he raced semi-professionally in both mountain and cyclocross.

He has been heavily involved in the mountain biking community, coaching local summer programs and high school racing development teams, including trail maintenance, advocacy and IMBA membership.


An Interview

As part of the Cherry Creek Arts Festival, Patrick was featured on ABC7News Denver, interviewed by Bertha Lynn, including Tara Brickell, Executive Director of the Cherry Creek Arts Festival.

Featuring Old King Cole from my Fiddler’s 3 collection of paintings, he had the opportunity to talk briefly with Bertha Lynn about my work and process to create this collection.

ABC7News Denver, CO
Host: Bertha Lynn
Tara Brickell, Cherry Creek Arts Festival

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