From Sketch to Screen.

Growing up on a steady diet of comic books, Saturday morning cartoons and endless hours of drawing, Patrick was hooked on entertainment. He has been a student of arts and animation, graduating top of the class in animation from The Art Institute, with his short receiving the Portfolio Excellence Award. Since then, he has worked professionally as a director, layout artist, storyboarding and animation production.

My Stories

These are four animated series that he has created, complete with series bible, pilot script and trailers.


An Extinction Tale.

Never before have the fortunate been so f**ked. And it’s all their fault.

SUNK! follows two good-time chasing woolly mammoths, Chuck and Donny, after they sneak aboard Noah’s Ark thinking it’s a party cruise, oblivious to the fact it’s the final cruise… for everyone.

Animated Always Sunny meets Succession on a modern-day Noah’s Ark.

An anachronistic social satire examining the age-old question: Does it matter if the world ends tomorrow if tonight’s going to be a good time? What about if it’s a good, good time? Will we pleasure-seek our way into extinction? (Hint: The answer is yes.)


Watch the Teaser!

Get a look at the world, as we sneak aboard Noah’s Couple’s Cruise with Donny and Chuck, with voices by Andy St. Clair (The Big Show, The Kids Are Alright) and Sam Richardson (Veep, BoJack Horseman), with Matt Knudsen (Gangster Squad, Big Bang Theory) as the nefarious Noah and Jamie Moyer (Bob’s Burgers, Modern Family) as the lovely Adelephant.

SUNK! is destined to be told by these creative cousins: Kate Duffy, a former Second City cruise ship comedian, and Patrick van den Broek, an artist animator with a theology background from Notre Dame. The black sheep of their family, forever mandated to opposite ends of Catholic church pews for unacceptable church behaviors, are coming together to tell this irreverent story.

Ararat. Before the Flood.

This Town is in Shambles.

The prequel to SUNK!, this story follows the sea side, ass-crack town of Ararat, who citizens are responsible for building Noah’s new one of a kind cruise liner in time for an impending launch date.

Recently voted The Worst City by Condor Nest Traveler, Mayor Whit Nichols needs to do something to save his political future, and Noah’s new project looks like just the thing.


Watch the trailer!

Get a good look at the group of amazing minds that have the future in their hands. With the cruise launch date imminent, Ararat is the perfect town to be exploited by the Noah and Son’s corporation.

The Couch Potato and Mr. Bun

The World’s First Slipper-Hero

Mr. Bun, the world’s first slipper hero, unintentionally frames the Couch Potato and causes more problems trying to clean up the mess, while the Couch Potato watches his own adventure unfold.

Originally created for a storyboard project in art school. The Couch Potato and Mr. Bun has since evolved into a complete animated series, with lots of adventures for these two friends.


Watch the trailer!

The Couch Potato needs some beer and Mr. Bun heads out to take care of business. But this time, he interrupts a robbery and takes justice the only way he knows…from TV. The Couch Potato is framed for the crime and the adventures begin. Starring my voice talents as The Couch Potato, Mr. Bun, Dan Loins and even an old, bald Joey Lawrence.

This animation was written, drawn and produced with the Adobe Suite, specifically Photoshop, Premiere, AfterEffects and Audition. All illustrations were hand drawn, colored digitally and key frame animated.

Number Games

Every dream has a number.

This animated series tells the story of a group of friends starting out in the world on their own. As life starts pushing away dreams, this crew learns what is their number.

This is a great series, with pilot script, storyboards and series bible to get in on the adventure with these fools.

Mortal Kombat joke

This is a quick pencil test of a recurring joke, where a work confrontation results in a Mortal Kombat fatality fantasy, and then delivers the most unexpected, but excessively gorey, finishing move. Warning that this has offensive language, content, finishing moves and creators.

The Shorts

Here is the collection of animated shorts that I have written, animated and directed.

Let’s Get Procreating!

This is the short that started it all for the animated series ideas of SUNK! and Ararat. Before the Flood. A large set of Woolly Mammoth testicles are preventing these guys from sneaking onto an “All You Can Drink” couple’s cruise, until they do.

Written by: Kate Duffy, Patrick van den Broek
Voice Actors: Craig Uhlir, Jim Carlson, Noah Gregoropoulos, Homer Marris, Kate Duffy, Patrick van den Broek
Drawn / Animated by: Patrick van den Broek
Original Music by: Ben Harris
Let’s Get Procreating single by DJ Benny H
Directed by: Patrick van den Broek
Produced by FuzzCuzz Studios

Razor ‘Vator

We all know the magic feeling when you first feel love, and definitely don’t want it interrupted by that moron from 12, especially after the Door Close button was clearly depressed repeatedly.

With the easy installation of Razor ‘Vator, the doors will definitely close and that opportunity won’t be lost. Don’t ever miss true love by a hairy arm stopping a closing elevator door, again.

Written by: Richard van den Broek, Patrick van den Broek
Music: Like a Lover (Sergio Mendes & Brasil ’66)
Drawn / Animated by: Patrick van den Broek
Directed by: Patrick van den Broek

The Cider Ad

The Dicken family has been producing its quality apple cider for generations from their Pennsylvania orchards. After they released this ad, sales tripled and the family became filthy rich.

Two siblings are dead and the rest are fighting in court. In the end, quality sells itself.

Written by: Patrick van den Broek, Mike Whitman
Drawn / Animated / Produced by: Patrick van den Broek
Narrated by: Patrick van den Broek
Music: G Love & Special Sauce
Directed by: Patrick van den Broek

Whup Ass commercial

When things are just not going your way, the fictional beverage Whup Ass is exactly what you need to fix the situation.

While this pencil test commercial can be controversial at times, no one can argue with the delicious taste and ease with which it goes down.

Mmmmm, crack open a can a Whup Ass! Don’t that feel good!

Written, drawn, animated and produced by Patrick van den Broek
Bad Jokes by Brendan McLear
Voices: Patrick van den Broek, Carrie M.
Music by: Bach, Fun Lovin’ Criminals, Run DMC and The Pharcyde
Directed by: Patrick van den Broek


The new flagship show for Must Be Feces TV Mediocre Monday lineup is Blossomed. Blossom and Six talk regrets while they drink their sad lives away at a local bar, on this hot new series.

Sponsored by Preparation H. It’s for your ass.

Written / Drawn / Animated by Patrick van den Broek
Casting by: Patrick van den Broek
Mayim Bialik: Patrick van den Broek
Jenna von Oÿ: Patrick van den Broek
Joe Lawrence: Patrick van den Broek
Their Baby: Patrick van den Broek
Directed by Patrick van den Broek

The Friggin’ Disgruntled FreeStylin’ DJs

Made in a single night, this animation features two DJs freestylin’ about their hatred of the direction MTV has gone.

These two drop their lyrical mayhem on (now dated) issues with MTV, like The Spice Girls and VJ Jesse, while longing for Headbangers Ball and Aeon Flux.

Written / Drawn / Animated by Patrick van den Broek
DJ Voices: Patrick van den Broek
Music: Raisin’ Hell (Run DMC), Runnin’ (The Pharcyde)
Directed by: Patrick van den Broek

Rudolph Gonna Get Paid

Written by the amazing team of SNL writer and Second City alum, this short pitch shows a fed up Rudolph looking to get paid for what’s his..

Starring: Kate Duffy, Katie Rich
Written by: Kate Duffy
Drawn / Animated by: Patrick van den Broek
Sound Mix: John Boston Recording
Engineer: Alanna Schmelter
Assistant Director: Patrick van den Broek
Directed by: Nate DuFort
Produced by FuzzCuzz Studios

Ski Firm CEO Interview

An one on one interview with a “Ski Firm CEO” to learn what not to do as a new Colorado Independent Ski company.

Written by: Patrick van den Broek, David Leichty
Drawn / Animated by: Patrick van den Broek
Voices: Patrick van den Broek
Directed by: Patrick van den Broek

Finalist for the 2011 Something Independent SnowSport Entrepreneurial Award.