TechMobile is the native android application designed specifically for the fleet of over 35,000 Field Technicians, servicing the over 26 million Spectrum cable customers across the national Charter footprint. This promotional video gives a great overview of the product and some recent features.

Working from our Guided Workflow product design philosophy, the application walks the technicians through their day, their job and each task, delivering what they need, when they need it, insuring preparation, efficiency and accuracy through their daily processes.

TechMobile provides the technicians a clear and consistent experience throughout the product, providing clear messaging with actions to resolve the problems and similar patterns throughout the different tools. Since there are basic visual requirements to be a Field Technician, the product has been designed “Tech Accessible”, with high and low light visibility, color blind accessibility and one handed use at all times.

As the Principle Product Designer for Field Operations at Charter, I have been a part of the TechMobile product since its original launch in 2015, through the company merger and the continued growth to record stock prices for Charter (CHTR).

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