Lighthouse is the application that manages the overall health of the network on a national level for all 26+ million Charter customers, as well as the dispatch and management of the Maintenance Technicians that do the repairs and upgrades.

As the Principle Product Designer for Field Operations products at Charter Communications (CHTR), I am responsible for the user experience design for the employees using these products.

The users of Lighthouse are ROC (Regional Operation Center) Agents, who monitor the overall network, and the Maintenance Techs, who do the repairs.

ROC agents use the Lighthouse application on large monitors in these operation centers, which are large office buildings. The interface has been optimized for this environment, allowing for comprehensive Alarm management tools, with geolocation and node health integrated, easy to visual and resolve.

The interfaces and tools scale gracefully on a lap top interface, as well, allowing the Maintenance Technicians to get access to the complete suite of tool while they are on the go.

There is a native Android application for the technicians in the field. The interface is job workflow driven, guiding the technicians through their jobs and providing the tools they need for their tasks. This allows provides the technicians access to the data and necessary tools while working on the nodes or in the buckets.

I have been the product design lead on Lighthouse since 2016, during the merger and largest stock increase in Charter history. This product has been recognized as a best of breed industry leader in telemetry alarm and management.

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