HGL: Heated Glove Liner

The Heated Glove Liner (HGL) provides ultimate comfort and protection against the effects of cold temperatures by maintaining blood flow to the fingers. This is achieved by the patented integration of five heating elements placed on the fingertips, which correspond to the sympathetic nerves.

I was the Creative Director for the product launch, responsible all aspects of the visual representation of the product, from marketing materials to 3D product modeling to animation and digital video presentations.

Original Prototype Illustrations

Working with the engineers, I created prototype illustrations of the battery packs, glove units and potential charging options. As the project evolved and prototype iterations were getting closer to production, I took the marketing and product representation with 3D modeling and prototype photography.

2nd Generation Product Models

To compliment these product images, a print and digital marketing campaign was launched along with the finished 2nd generation prototype. I designed and oversaw the product of the printed marketing materials, as well as the website and digital marketing.

Heated Glove Liner print materials

I wrote and produced the following promotional video for HGL, using a combination of 3D animation, voice over and a clear storytelling journey, explaining the problem, solution and technology of the product.

HGL Project Promotional Video (2001)

The marketing campaign was a success and the Heated Glove Liner product and patented technology was acquired. While the product never made it to market, the technology is being utilized in different products.

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