Fiddlers 3

Named for Old King Cole’s famous declaration, Fiddlers 3 is whimsical collection of polyptychs, each painting telling the tale of a different classic nursery rhyme.

Working from my experience as animation storyboard artist, the multiple panels altogether tell the complete story of the rhyme, each frame placed in dramatic comic book perspectives focusing on a certain moment.

The playful animal characters, inspired by Chuck Jones, are placed in visually distinct environments resulting in a variety of colors and styles.

Old King Cole

This three panel painting features our favorite merry, old soul enjoying the musical masterpieces of his fiddler’s three.
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Here is a clip from my ABC 7News interview discussing my process and Old King Cole with Bertha Lynn.

Bah Bah Black Sheep

Startling a sheep in the embarrassing act of “de-wooling”, this four panel painting takes a different look at whether the black sheep as any wool. View Detail »

Bah Bah Black Sheep painting

Georgie Porgie

Georgie is a favorite of mine and this four panel piece tells about the crab and his adventures with the girls down at the shore.
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Georgie Porgie painting by Patrick van den Broek

Mary Mary

A snail and all her little maids in a row are assessing their garden in this three panel painting.
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Mary Mary Quite Contrary

Little Miss Muffet

When the spider sits down beside her, this little ladybug will be frightened away, as told by this three panel painting.
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Little Miss Muffet triptych

I am working on new pieces for this collection and am always open for commissions for new Fiddler’s 3 works. Keeping this sheep busy.

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