Extinct, the animated series

I am a co-creator and artist of the animated series, Extinct, following two Woolly Mammoth buddies who snuck on couples cruise line to party, not realizing that they are on Noah’s Ark.

But since this is a couple’s cruise, Chuck dresses as a female mammoth by wearing a sheep as a wig, who is an essential part of the story.

The megalomaniac Noah, running the cruise with his three sons, is looking to bleed the passengers out of every last dime during their 40 days at sea. But his family have different goals that may not match and they definitely do not want to cross Noah.

The famous Adelephant has a headline show for this cruise, but has also stolen the heart of our Donny, among other, more dangerous, members of the cruise.

The Ark features of whole collection of talent to entertain the guests, as well as horrify them, as this group of celebrities live by different rules than the other guests.

The Extinct short

The idea was developed from an animated short that we created based on the concept of how the Woollies could sneak on board.

All the drawing, animation and production was done in the Adobe Creative Suite: Photoshop, Premiere, AfterEffects, Audition on a MacBook Pro with a Wacom Intuos tablet. Design and production was all done remotely, with the actors and talent in Chicago and Los Angeles and me in Colorado.

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