Cherry Creek North Gourmet Series

In the heart of the Cherry Creek North district in Denver, Colorado, celebrity chefs and local restaurants gathered to celebrate food, wine and good company. As the Creative Director of this event series, my responsibilities were to create an original and memorable brand to compete in the busy Denver event market.

First annual Cherry Creek North Gourmet Series

I focused on the image of the olive oil bottle for this event series, addressing the image in two distinct, yet consistent styles. For the inaugural artwork and poster, I wanted to create something eye catching, but unique and classical in its style. I went with pen, ink and watercolor studies, placed on and bright wash background with a dark, clean black border. I wanted to bring a notebook vibe, with loose sketches and hand written notes.

The logo, on the other hand, was created in clean line art, with the olive oil bottle and a sprig of rosemary. Bright, memorable and easy to reproduce, the olive oil bottle logo was a hit on the variety of event swag throughout the series.

Second annual Cherry Creek North Gourmet Series

For the sophomore event, I went with a very different style from the previous year. Inspired by the line work of classic jazz festival posters, I went with a single line chef at work. This new art work was incorporated into all the event materials, including posters throughout Cheery Creek.

Third annual Cherry Creek North Gourmet Series

After the success of the chef illustration, I created a complimentary illustration for this years event, keeping the same linear style with a different color palette and updating the logo with the year.

After three years of steady growth in the hot Denver market, the event series, and the event management company, was acquired.

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