Baby Bodywork Infant Massage

Baby Bodywork offers specialized massage training classes and hand-made, custom massage oils and kits. Its mission is to make Infant Massage easily accessible to all people in the United States, by providing Infant Massage Oil Kits, Infant Massage Books, Instructional DVD’s and Oils.  All products are specific for babyhood/childhood ailments, making it easy for parents/caregivers to find exactly what they need quickly.

For this new company, I created a logo and mark that reflects the specific market and resonates with the customer. This new brand was applied to labels and packaging for their custom massage oils and kits.

Baby Bodywork brand and packaging

Each of the six massage kits comes with a unique booklet, complete with illustrated instructions of each massage technique. Keeping a clean, linear illustration style for the diagrams and kit illustrations makes for a consistent experience through the complete suite of products.

Massage Stroke Diagram illustrations

Founded in Boulder, Colorado, Baby Bodywork has moved to Charleston, South Carolina, where you can find their products, classes and special events. Please visit to learn more and you can order all the booklets from as well.

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